What Is The blue pill (Sildenafil Citrate)?

The blue pill is a of sildenafil citrate from Pfizer Pharmaceutical drugs. It’s utilized in treating erection dysfunction. You shouldn’t buy The blue pill without your doctor?s prescription.

Generally the dose is 50 mg taken if needed. Based upon the effectiveness and tolerance, it might be elevated to 100 mg. It’s come to be once daily only. If you’re greater than 65 years old, or getting critical kidney or liver problem, or taking protease inhibitors to treat Aids, your physician will begin the cheapest dose, that’s, 25 mg. So if you are treated for prostate problems and therefore are taking alpha blockers, then too the physician may begin a lower dose.

Don’t forget that The blue pill is really a prescription only drug. You shouldn’t buy The blue pill without talking about with and taking prescription out of your physician. Begin taking it half to 1 hour before sex. Keep in mind that it neither works instantly nor instantly. It requires full sexual confidence. The start of action can vary for every person. In certain males, it might start inside a time as less as 14 minutes. But because such the medication works best for 4 hrs.

Keep in mind that your existence is much more important than sex. Therefore you should purchase The blue pill after talking to your physician. Its most typical unwanted effects are headache, stomach disturbance and facial eliminating. Less frequent unwanted effects are bluish or blurred vision, or sensitivity towards light.

In rare cases, patients taking PDE5 inhibitors will come across abrupt decrease or lack of vision or hearing. If such incident happens quit taking the drugs immediately and take medical help.

In certain rare cases, prolonged erection in excess of 4 hrs can happen, by which situation too, you need to seek instant medical help.

Searching at these unwanted effects, it is usually smart to purchase The blue pill after seeking doctor?s prescription.

This medicine functions best on empty stomach. Consume a meal with less or no body fat, if required, as fats hamper the absorption from the drug.

You shouldn’t take The blue pill, if you’re taking nitrates, like ISMN (Isosorbide mononitrate), ISDN (Isosorbide dinitrate) or nitroglycerine. The concomitant utilization of these two drugs may end up into lethal fall in bloodstream pressure.

You should engage with your physician about all of your past and current medication before you purchase The blue pill. It is because you will find lots of medications that it shouldn’t be used. It costs you your existence, if you no longer need proper medical guidance.

Revatio is yet another make of sildenafil accustomed to treat lung arterial hypertension. The blue pill shouldn’t be taken together with it as being it’ll cause overdose.

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